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Property consultations
Invasive plant control
Installation of potted seedlings
Direct seeding of native plants.
Treating Hemlock for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid
Treating Ash Trees for Emerald Ash Borer


Ecological Services

Property & Landscape Consultations

Personal property consultations for home owners land owners.  Each consultation is tailored to the needs and objectives of the individual. A consultation will answer all of your horticultural, landscaping and property questions. Your uncertainty and confusion will disappear and you will have a clear vision of how to proceed. You receive practical information that you can use immediatly and you will have a plan of action for managing your property.

Invasive Plant Control

Invasive plants are a serious threat to the natural health of your porperty. Invasive plants reduce the recreational value of your property, reduce populations of native wildlife and disrupt natural ecosystems. In a few cases they even pose a risk to human health. Controling invasive plants is necessary to maintain the ecological health of your porperty. Controlling invasive plants is beyond the physical and technical capabilities of most landowners. White Oak Nursery has the experience to control the many species of invasive plants that impact you and your property.

Installation of potted seedlings including deer protective fencing

W.O.N. provides planting services for container grown trees and shrubs. Planting trees and shrubs in the 5x8 pot size is the most economical way to establish large numbers of trees and shrubs. No matter where you live, deer and rabbits are a threat to newly planted trees. Caging is the only reliable way to protect your plants from damage. Plants are protected with miracle tree shelters or welded wire caging, providing 100% protection. Shelters are 5 ft high, cages are 48” high x 16" diameter, they are anchored with a 6 ft wooden stake.

Direct Seeding of Native Plants

Direct seeding is a proven low cost method to establish large numbers of trees, shrubs and wildflowers under natural conditions. Use direct seeding to establish a diverse woodland wildflower community in the woodland understory, or create bird habitat by establishing shrubs in an old field, or start the beginnings of a hardwood forest. Seed from many different species are planted in the ground. The seeds germinate and grow exactly the way it happens in nature.

Treating Hemlock for Hemlock Wooly Adelgids.
Treating Ash Trees for Emerald Ash Borer

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid has become widely established throughout the fingerlakes region. It will kill a mature hemlock tree in just a few years.
There is a chemical treatment that can preserve the health of your trees so we will continue to be rewarded with hemlocks in our forests and ravines.
Learn about the risk of Emerald Ash Borer to your ash trees and WHEN is the best time to treat and WHAT is the best treatment..

Old Field Restoration
Woodland Restoration
Wildflower Meadow
Wetland Restoration

Wildland restoration is the process of restoring land that is in a highly disturbed or altered state and restoring it to biological and ecological health. 

All restoration begins with native plants. Plants are the foundation of every natural community. Different strategies are used to establish native plant communities and begin the restoration process. The species used in the restoration are selected to match the local environmental conditions found on site. You will be educated in the processes of restoration and instructed how to monitor and manage the progression of the restroration.

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