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Using Native Plants & Ecological Design Principles
in Commercial, Suburban, and Urban Landscapes:

The Manual

Using Native Plants & Ecological Design Principles

This manual will become your most often used native plant resource.

Using Native Plants was written to provide a comprehensive guide for the selection and use of native plants in commercial and urban landscapes. It provides all the information anyone, from the novice gardener to the professional landscape designer, will need to choose the right plant for the right location.

It brings together, in one easy to use resource, comprehensive information on native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and wetland plants. Besides the normal horticultural information, it includes in-depth information for each species on drought tolerance, moisture, soils, fertility, pH and light requirements in table form. In addition, several unique columns list the availability of native plants in the nursery trade and their desirable characteristics to help you make more informed plant choices. No other resource has all this information in one table, making it easy to use.

Other tables list non-native plants that are commonly used in landscaping, non-native invasive plants that should never be planted, durable plants for extreme environments, and much more.

Each copy is only $18.95 USD

Download a sample from the manual that includes the cover, the Table of Contents, the List of Tables, and a samples of Tables 1, 3, & 5 (685k pdf file).

this page updated January 10, 2012