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Installation of potted seedlings including deer protective fencing

Cost for plants in 5x8 pots installed. -- $14.00 per plant with a minimum purchase of 20 plants, no maximum.

Cost for installed plants plus deer protection. -- $24.00 per plant with minimum purchase of 20 plants.

White Oak Nursery offers a large selection of native trees and shrubs to meet your landscape and ecological objectives. I am committed to the long term survival and success of your planting. I select the best species for your planting conditions and make sure they have the greatest chance of survival. Plant survival is typically 90% or better. The greatest risk to plants is from animal damage and not from environmental stresses.

Fall planting is the preferred time of year for intalling potted seedlings. Fall planting has a slight advantage over early spring in that the plants have all winter to establish their root system in the native soil before the heat and drought of summer. Summer is the most stressful time of year on new plants so having a longer time to grow more roots enables the plant to supply its water and nutrients requirements.

Five foot tree tubes or wire caging provides100% protection from deer and rabbit damage. The potential for deer damage to newly installed plants is real and extremely costly. It only takes one visit by a deer to cause hundreds of dollars in damage and undo a year or more of plant growth. Installing a 5ft high plastic tree tube gives you peace of mind that your trees are protected during the critical early years of growth.  Trees are allowed to grow out the top of the tree tubes and are left in place until the trunk fills the tube or the plastic begins to degrade. Wire caging can be used to protect trees and shrubs. The wire cage is 16 in diameter and 48 high and has a useful lifespan of 5 to 10 years.  The cage has sufficient room for native shrubs to grow and develop protected from damage.

Planting smaller size plants makes good horticultural and economic sense. When transplanted at a smaller size, trees and shrubs transplant easily and grow rapidly. You will be surprised at how quickly your trees and shrubs will grow.

The 5x8 tree band strikes the right balance between economy and size. Plants have a large healthy root system in the right proportion to the top of the plant that ensures survival. Lower cost allows you to purchase more plants and create larger more diverse landscapes. 

planting 5x8 pots

The 5x8 pot size establishes quickly under natural conditions and plants begin
growing even during the first planting season. The root ball is filled with roots ready to grow into the existing soil

Native trees and shrubs transplant easily and grow rapidly when transplanted at a smaller size. When planting smaller stock
you get the same results in a short time compared to planting larger plants or bare root stock. Lower cost allows you to plant
more native plants and create larger more diverse landscape.

5Fttall tree tubes provide complete protection from deer and rabbit browsing and promotes rapid vertical growth. Trees often grow out the top of the tube within one to two years.
Tubes are left in place until the trunk diamter is sturdy enough to support the tree and to protect the trunk from buck rubbing.

small pots
White pine and Tulip tree with deer caging. Swamp white oak & Beaked hazelnut after one year.

Shrubs after 4 yearsswamp white oakNannyberryAspen
Silky dogwood, Swamp white oak, Nannyberry and Quaking aspen after 4 years . Plants survived and grew even with the intense competition from waste high vegetation in this field.
Survival was close to 100% in this planting

An investment in plants, can turn acres of high maintenance lawn into beautiful ecologically valuable landscapes.


Plants are normally spaced from 10 to 20ft apart on-center. At this spacing, 200 to 400 plants are needed to plant
1 acre . This planting covers 12 acres and was installed on public land to create high value shrub habitat for birds.

Planting a diverse assortment of native shrubs supports more wildlife than what typically occurs under natural conditions.


A planting of 100 potted seedlings with deer cages, and plants 1 year later.
This mixed planting of conifers and deciduous trees and shrubs was established to screen a future home from a nearby road and future development.
Use 5x8 potted seedlings for all your planting objectives. Its easy to create a sound barrier, wind break or privacy screen.