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Customer Comments

I was so happy that Google directed me to your wonderful nursery for Beaked hazelnut. I used to live in _______ and you helped me create a native plant demonstration garden there. Your handbook has been my native plant bible ever since and I thank yoour for your knowledge and entthusiasm for native plants. I'vve been a convert ever since and have done my best to spread the word.
Mary B.

The trees arrived yesterday. They were in excellent shape. Well worth the wait. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Got my order yesterday.  Rhus and parrotias were excellent, I recommended you to my gardening friends

Just a quick note to let you know my nine Fothergilla “seedlings” have arrived safe and sound.  I’m thrilled with the quality of plants you sent and the great packaging.  I’ll be recommending you to my gardening friends and submitting a glowing report to Dave’s Garden.
Look forward to visiting you some time,

THANK YOU, I do have deer and will put the protection around them immediately.  I got them today and they are BEAUTIFUL.  I have never seen such a fabulous shipping method, and also have never received plants of such size in such great shape: four trees, nearly identical, tall and budding out; they are just stunning.  I am going to opt for the full sun after looking at Michael Dirr's book, and one day they will provide a lovely scent around my circle drive.  I saw these trees over 20 years ago at the U.S. Capitol, where they line the road between the Cannon Building and the Longworth Building (House side) and in June, the fragrance is wonderful.  Thankfully the U.S. botanical garden or arboretum had put ID tags on them or I wouldn't have known what they were.  None of the nurseries around here have ever carried them, even the to-the-trade type of wholesalers.  I have been wanting them forever.  Many thanks Jim, now I hope I don't kill them!  My mother was a botanist but I am never sure how much of the genetics I got.  
Thanks again!

The plants are in the ground and they look very nice.  My husband was delighted. Thank you so much for sending such high quality plants so speedily. We will definitely be in touch for more native plants.
Best, Saras

Thank you so very much for your vision for our back yard.  We never would have imagined the wonderful natural garden you gave us. 

Superb packing!!
Plants arrived yesterday afternoon. They look very happy and healthy. They will be well taken care of.

Thank you so much for the wonderful, enlightening, and educational consultation the other day. Thanks to your knowledge of native and invasive species, we are now in a position to begin developing our property. I only regret that I didn't contact you earlier. If I had, I not only would have fewer, smaller invasives to deal with, but your recommended native plantings would have been well on their way towards turning our space in to a more native flora- and fauna- friendly site. (And I wouldn't have pulled all those native plants that I mistook for invasives! What a shame!)
Since it has always been my intention to keep a good portion of the property in a wild / semi-wild state your guidance will be invaluable in moving forward. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again
Dave & Wendy

I order plants from many mail-order sources and so often my expectations fail to be realized. Very rarely do the plants surprise me in a positive way. Theplants you sent, however, deserve superlatives. The quality is excellent and your packaging was superb. You produce and send a very nice product. Thanks for shipping so late in the season.

I wanted to say thanks for the nice plants.  They were all just fine and they are all in and taking hold in this warm and somewhat weather.  It was a pleasure and I hope to do business with you again.Tom

Plants arrived yesterday in beautiful condition.  Thank you. 

I can well appreciate the difficulties you face in shipping plants. With the growth of the internet and because you offer a superior product, your business will soar in the future. Consequently, your investments in predictably effective packing strategies will pay off many fold.

I am so glad I took the courses that you taught. It opened my eyes to a whole new world—and I love it. I finally found what feels “right” for my yard and am enjoying the transition process. I know I have a lot to learn, but I am getting there.

Thank you for the rewarding experience of working with you and achieving the look I wanted for my renovated landscape.
After talking with one of your satisfied customers., I decided to call you because I live in the woods and wanted low maintenance plants that would grow in my shady environment. 
Following a lively consultation, I knew you were the person for the job. You delivered in a timely fashion and within my budget.  It pleased me that you had grown most of the plants and told me what to expect.  Your work was tidy and I was more than happy to recommend you to my daughter and I would do so to anyone else.

Another superb shipment. The trees were perfect, and are in the ground. I’m looking forward to ordering more from you in the spring. Until then, please accept my best regards for your holiday season.

The plants arrived in good condition -- winterberries still had berries, elderberries had all their leaves.
I wanted to thank you for publishing your articles at your site. They were extremely helpful in understanding the concept of habitat -- now I have a sense of direction in changing the back yard to a garden/critter-friendly area.

You seem to sell most of the varieties I've been looking at; red chokeberry, etc., native bird-friendly stuff. Let me say thanks in advance -- you seem to be like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed.

Dry as the Sahara here. But with your nice pots and my ability to water once weekly, we should be OK.
Every one of your Norways made it (all well mulched), and most have really taken off – after just one season. Great plant stock! ---- The plants are lovely, in the ground, and loving this rain.
Thanks much. I always enjoy working with you.

Your web site is excellent and informative. I found it out of the Penny Saver and most likely will utilize your services. Thank you for the information.