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Property Consultation

Property Consultation $150 per visit.
Typically requires 2 to 3 hours time.
Consultations are limited to within 1 hour travel time from White Oak Nursery/Geneva, NY unless additional travel expenses are negotiated. 

A consultation lasts from 2 to 3 hours and serves to answer all of your horticultural, landscaping and ecological questions. My objective is to educate you and help you feel comfortable with and achieve your objectives.  Each consultation is specific to your needs and your objectives. 

You can get answers to questions on a broad range of topics such as landscape design, use of native plants, problem plants in the landscape, plant identification, plant maintenance and pruning, attracting birds, managing for wildlife etc.. 

On larger properties I evaluate the ecological and habitat potential of a site.  I assess the environmental conditions of the site and the current state of all the existing vegetation.

I can inventory the full complement of plants that exist on your property, both native and non-native. I will make recommendations for the conservation and enhancement of native species.  I will look for any non-native and invasive species found on-site and make recommendations for their control or elimination. I can also create a management plan for the long term management, restoration and maintenance of your property. 

I have provided consultation services to state agencies, cities, schools, land trusts and watershed districts. I can also train staff and volunteers who will be implementing the management practices. 

The most important component of a consultation is educational. I strive to teach each property owner about the natural world and how you can use that information to improve the ecological health and biological diversity of your property, whether a small building lot or a 200 acre woodlot. I have extensive experience in propagating plants, restoring native plants under natural conditions and removing non-native invasive species. I recommend the most practical, economical and efficient management methods to achieve your goals. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you. 

Has your landscape eaten your house? Does your yard need some help? I will help you with all your landscape questions and provide you a plan of action.

Tired of living on the worlds largest fareway. I can help you develop
and plant your property so you are not married to your lawn mower.

Maybe your dream is to live in the woods in the country
but you could only afford a farm field. Don't let that stop your dream.
I will help you achieve your dreams and more. I have inovative
and affordable planting schemes and landscape plans for every budget and situation.

Do you have the worlds most ornamentally challenged yard?
Every challenge is an opportunty to create a work of beauty.


Do you own land you don't know what to do with? I can show you how to manage your land so it develops the way you want it to. I can help you develop your own private nature preserve, increase its widllife potential, grow a forest for timber, or a host of other possibilities.