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Pondless Stream and Waterfall.
There is nothing more relaxing than the gentle sound of water trickling over rocks.
Imagine coming home from work and sitting next to your personal stream and letting the tensions of the day wash away.
A pondless stream can provide that service and more.


Pondless stream and waterfall under construction .


The water feature was constructed for the primary puurpose of attracting birds to the area.
A shallow basin was constructed at the bottom of the stream to serve as a bird bathing area
before sinking into the gravel beneath and recirculating back to the stream. Plants were selected
that will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, will not grow too large for the space and will provide cover
that will provide the birds a safe and protected environment while accessing the water.

An added feature is the stream is on a timer that goes off after dark and on before sun up to save electricity.
A pondless waterfeature takes far less maintenance than a pond does. The only maintenencae is adding water
when the water level drops, removing leaves in the fall and remvoing the pump for storage over the winter months.