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Terrace garden and Steps

Combining both fucntion and beauty, an overgrown slope that was a challenge to mow and maintain was turned into a beautiful terraced garden.
The garden
planted with 100% native plants incorporates a diverse number of plants, both shade tolerant and full sun

parmelee terrace

The central steps allow easy movement from the upper yard to the lower.

An assortment of hardy native perennials, shrubs and a Smoke tree provide color throughout the season.

Species shrub list includes: Smoke tree, Sweet spire, Summersweet, Oakleaf hydrangea, Fothergilla, Fragrant sumac 'Gro-low', Black chokeberry, Bush honeysuckle, St johnswort
Flowers: Summer phlox, Red baneberry, Blood root, Foam flower, Black cohosh, Wild ginger, Goldenseal, Zig zag golden rod, White wood aster, False solmoon seal,
Wild geranium