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Naturalizing Wooded Backyard

The homeowners purchased this building lot because of the woodland behind the house.
They wanted the jungle of grape vines tackled but wanted to preserve the area for nature.
How to strike a balance between uncontrolled wildness and natural beauty?
Because of the abundant deer in the area, unprotected plants would soom be devoured.
The strategy was to install groupings of native flowering trees, shrubs and perennials that would all be planted within protective cages scattered throughout the yard.
As these plants grow they will help to provide protective cover for birds and begin to fill in the spaces between the groupings.

Native trees, shrubs and wildlfowers were used to create bird habitat, to beautify and to create diversity in this naturalized planting.
Plants were placed in large wire cages to protect the plants from the ever present deer, during the establishment period.
Once the plants are a few years old they will begin to produce seed. That seed will spread to the surrouding area and
help to colonize the surrouding area with more native plants.

Plants protected by cage

Restoration often involves many technical challenges that requires expert advice and direction.  What species will grow best in different habitats. Which plants provide the best habitat for birds?
How to devlope a natural looking landscpe. I can provide the guidance and expertise to make your project a success.

Plants protected by cage
Grouping plants together is cost effective and is ecologicaly sound.Flowering trees, shrubs and perennials are all planted together.
Under natural conditions all of these plants grow in close proximity. Each plant occupies a different niche in the planting and complement each other.
One objective of the planting is to cover every inch of the soil. When the soil is covered with native plants there is little chance undesirable species will be able to get a foot hold.
The plants benefit from the protection the cage provides from deer browsing and as they grow, they will spread outward into the surrounding area from dispersed seed and spreading roots.