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Fenceline Garden

This native garden replaces a fence overgrown with grapevine and autumn olive.

Species include Pagoda dogwood, Nannyberry, Chokecherry, Spicebush, Sweet shrub, Fringe tree, Summersweet, Sweetspire, St Johnswort plus a number of native perennial flowers.

native gardennative garden
Before and after pictures show how a planitng develops over time and matures. Plants are supposed to crowd each other leaving little space for weeds to grow.
Dense planting is attractive to wildlife, providing cover, restng and nesting sites.

Deer are an ever present nuisance around residential landscapes. Where possible, plants were used that are less attractive to deer and deer caging was installed around the primary plants.
Deer protection is necessary to protect from foraging deer until plants are well established. The caging dissappears from view as the plants mature.