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Habitat Island

How many houses have lawn from front door to road side? Wouldn't you like tobe greeted by an attractive landscape that sets your house apart from the neighbors. Even just a small planting can make a dramatic difference.

This planting creates visual interest where there was none before. It helps to break up the large expanse of lawn, making the space feel more intimate and inviting. Incorporating plants of different mature heights fills the vertical space in sharp contrast to the 2 dimension look of mowed lawn. The choice of flowering trees and shrubs provides interest throughout the spring and summer ending with an explosion of fall color.

The planting also serves to create a feeling of privacy, helping to block the light from passing cars and a new development across the road.

Species include Pagoda dogwood, Serviceberry, Fringe tree, Summersweet, Sweetspire, St Johnswort plus a number of native perennial flowers.

Before and after pictures show how a properly sited planting can change the whole feel and character of a yard.

Deer are an ever present nuisance around residential landscapes. Where possible, plants were used that are less attractive to deer and deer caging was installed around the primary flowering trees. Deer protection is necessary to protect from foraging deer until plants are well established.