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A woodland wildflower garden.

This turnaround was converted into a 100% native garden . It wouldn't grow grass and was a problem area.
It was planted with native shrubs and wildflowers that can handle the dense shade and dry conditions.

Shade-tolerant flowering trees, shrubs and woodland wildflowers were chosen that provide an assortment of textures through unique foliage and flowers.  These native plants are hardy and tolerant of most soil conditions.

Species list: TREES; Pagoda dogwood, Flowering dogwood, Fringe tree. SHRUBS; Summersweet, Oakleaf hydrangea, Mapleleaf viburnum
WILDFLOWERS: White baneberry, Red baneberry, Wild geranium, False solomon seal, Foam flower, Blood root, Blue cohosh,Wild ginger, Wild columbine,
White wood aster, Zig-zag goldenrod
, Christmas fern, Lady fern


Before and after pictures reveals the possibilites with any difficult site.

The planting three years after installation

The foundation of the new addition was landscaped with a mixture of native shrubs and perennials that provide beautiful flowers, fragrance, foliage and superb fall color. Shrubs include: Summersweet, Fothergilla, Black chokeberry, Potentilla, Winter berry and Bearberry. Flowers: Alumroot, Foam flower, Wild ginger, Summer phlox, Mondarda.