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Species Name:  Anemonella thalictroides

Common Name: Rue Anemone

Zone: 4 to 9

Distribution: New Hampshire south to Florida .

Seed collection: Collect seed as soon as it is ripe.  Usually in late May in upstate New York. The seed is produced in clusters on the ends of the flower stalks. There is little indication of when the seed is ripe other than it easily separates from the plant.  Collect the seed and sow immediately or store seed in moist potting mix for storage. The plant flowers over a few week period so seed does not ripen all at once.

Seed handling: Do not allow seed to dry as seed loses viability rapidly. Seed stored for later planting should be stratified in moist potting media for spring planting the following year. Provide a period of warm moist followed by cold.  Natural outdoor temperatures will satisfy the temperature requirements.

Germination requirements: Seed can be planted immediately or stored for later planting.  Placing seed directly into the soil gives good results with a high percentage of germination occurring the following spring. Seed can be used to introduce the plant into natural woodlands.

Ecology: Rue anemone grows in dry to moist woods. It prefers soils high in organic material, with an acid to neutral pH. The plant grows from a small tuber. It readily self sows and spreads by seed.  Where Rue anemone has been growing for many years it can carpet the ground with flowers.  It is a desirable flower in the woodland and can easily be naturalized.

Rue anemone
Rue anemone seed

this page updated March 20, 2010