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Natural Landscaping, Working with Topography

by James P. Engel, © 2003

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The topography of a yard can sometimes create a challenge to growing grass and mowing. These areas lend themselves well to natural landscaping. A steep slope, a drainage ditch, poorly drained soil or rough ground can easily be planted to native species that are suited to the particular soil and moisture conditions. Natural landscaping is the best use of these sites and can transform a difficult site into an attractive woodland garden. Use topography wisely to create works of art in the landscape. If your land is not naturally blessed with contours you can accent some planting beds by building up the center of these beds. A mounded bed helps to better display the plants. Low poorly drained areas are best planted to species that tolerate these conditions and avoid the headache of trying to grow grass or mowing where the soil is muddy. Many trees and shrubs thrive in wetland conditions.

This page updated September 10, 2004