Russet Buffaloberry

( Shephardia canadensis )

  • Buffaloberry is a medium to large shrub with silvery gray foliage and translucent bright red berries. It has an open rounded outline. It is a tough adaptable shrub for planting in extreme environments, in poor soils, on steep slopes and exposed sites. Plant it as a hedge, a wind break or for wildlife value.

Ornamental features:

  • Grown primarily for its habitat value, its silvery gray foliage and bright red fruit. 
  • Easy to establish and transplant.  

Wildlife value:

  • A valuable understory shrub of open woodlands
  • Produces nutritious fruit in July and August. Fruit may remain on the plant as winter food source for birds and small mammals. Higher fruit production in full sun.

Horticulture profile:

  • Multi-stemmed shrub from 4 to 8 ft tall x 6 ft wide.
  • Zone 2 to 6. Very cold hardy.
  • Dioecious: male and female flowers on separate plants.
  •  Adaptable to extremely poor, dry and high pH soils.
  •  Grows from coast to coast across Canada, the northern US and the mountain west.