Species Name: Veronicastrum virginicum

Common Name: CulverÕs Root

Zone: 3 to 8

Light: Full Sun to Half Shade

Soil Moisture: Average, Moist, Wet

Soil Types: Sand, Loam, Clay

Fertility: Medium to Rich

pH: 5 to 6.8

Bloom Time: July to August

Habit: Typically considered a wetland species found growing in swamps, wet meadows and floodplain forests it also makes for an attractive tall wildflower for average soils and meadows.  The 4 to 6 ft tall white flower spikes bloom for a good month from July through August.  Use it as a tall backdrop, for massing and mixing with other tall plants. Easy to grow and long lived.

 CulverÕs root provides an abundance of nectar and habitat for pollinator insects. It has a vigorous rhizomatous root system and strong upright growth habit. It will grow in any moist to wet soil where other plants may struggle. Native to most eastern and Midwestern states.