Species Name:  Rudbekia laciniata

Common Name: Green-headed Coneflower, Cutleaf Coneflower

Zone: Zone 3 to 9  

Light: Full Sun, partial shade to shade.

Soil Moisture: Medium to Moist

Soil Types: Sand, Loam, Clay but requires moisture

Fertility: Medium to Rich

pH: N/A

Bloom Time: late June to October

Habit: Grows in low-rich woods; wet fields; open woodlands and flood plains. A valuable pollinator plant for poorly drained sites. Under ideal growing conditions Green-headed coneflower (GHC) can be an aggressive plant spreading by rhizomes as well as by seed.  It can reach 7 ft in height in rich moist soils or 3 to 5 ft in dryer and less fertile sites.  GHC flowers profusely over the entire summer and is frequented by many types of pollinators.  Easy to grow and naturalize from seed or by transplanting root sections.