Species Name:  Pycnanthemum incanum

Common Name: Hoary Mountain Mint

Zone: 5 to 8

Light: Full Sun to Light Shade

Soil Moisture: Dry to Medium, drought tolerant

Soil Types: Well Drained Gravel, Sand, Loam and Clay,

Fertility: Poor to Average

pH: 5 to 6.8

Bloom Time: July to August

Habit: An aromatic perennial member of the mint family growing 2 to 3 ft tall. It grows in any well drained soils spreading vigorously by shallow rhizomatous roots and naturalizing from seed.  Hoary mountain mints nectar rich flowers are especially attractive to butterflies and pollinator insects. Flowering last about 6 weeks. Highly aromatic foliage is resistant to deer browsing. You will find it growing in old fields, pastures, woodland edges and clearings in dry open woods.

A valuable addition to any pollinator garden, native meadow or naturalized planting. Drought tolerant and easy to establish and maintain. Native throughout the east from southern Ontario and New England south to Florida.