Species Name:  Liatris pycnostachya

Common Name: Prairie Blazing Star

Zone: 3 to 9  

Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Soil Moisture: Medium to Moist

Soil Types: Sand, Loam, Clay

Fertility: Medium to Rich

pH: 6.0 8.5

Bloom Time: July to October

Habit: A very showy long blooming wildflower very attractive to insects and butterflies.  3 to 4 ft tall stiff up-right bright purple flower spikes) in mid to late summer.  Grows in moist to dry prairies and open woodlands in rich medium to moist soils.  Moderate drought tolerance;   Combines well with other prairie plants and grasses.  Overwinters as a corm (bulb). Easy to grow and naturalize from seed or by transplanting the corm.