Species Name:  B. alba Var. macrophylla, Baptisia lactea, B. leucant

Common Name: White False Indigo, White Wild Indigo

Zone: to zone 4 to 9

Light: Full Sun to Partial Sun

Soil Moisture: Medium to Moist

Soil Types: Sand, Loam, Clay

Fertility: poor to rich

pH: 5.0 6.5 does not like alkaline soils.

Bloom Time: May to June, lasts for up to month

Habit: Develops into a long lived, large bush like and deep rooted perennial. Is a little slow to flower when grown from seed or plugs taking a few years to bloom.  White pea like flowers on 4 ft tall flower spikes in early spring. Flowers develop into 2 long seed pods filled with numerous hard seeds. It is easy to propagate from seeds.

Plant in mesic to moist well drained soils or use as a specimen plant in the garden. Can tolerate a range of growing conditions except wet poorly drained soils.

Grows naturally in prairie, savannas, oak openings and open woodland.  Native to large areas of the mid-west, coastal plains states and south.  Not native to NYS but has naturalized in some areas.